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An evaluation typically involves multiple appointments, including:

  • An initial intake with parents/caregivers to review concerns and develop a plan for assessment
  • Interviews with your child and their doctors, therapists & teachers
  • One or more testing sessions
  • Feedback with parents/ caregivers regarding test results & recommendations
  • If appropriate, feedback with child or adolescent regarding their strengths, areas of growth and tools to help reduce their frustrations


At the end of the evaluation, a comprehensive report of results and specific recommendations is provided. This report provides insight and tools for how to move forward with new knowledge. Recommendations suggest changes or adaptations in instruction, compensatory strategies to strengthen adaptive skills and behaviors, ideas to build and promote cognitive skills, and education to understand the patterns of identified strengths and challenges. This profile of understanding and support can empower children and adolescents or young adults to become more efficient learners and employees who understand their own skills as well as what they need to do their best. 


We can also consult with:

  • Physicians & therapists for diagnostic clarification & treatment planning
  • Schools for development of IEP goals & 504 accommodations, or teachers and tutors for interventions
  • Families for behavioral programming & other parenting needs.